Tiara Exclusives Dictionary
Anneal Removes objectionable stresses in glassware by controlling the cooling speed
Base The bottom of an item
Batch The raw materials, properly mixed, to be melted and changed into molten glass
Block Mold A one-piece mold
Blower (Gaffer) A person who forms glassware by blowing through a blowpipe
Blown Glass Glassware that is shaped by air pressure, such as by compressed air or by mouth
Blowpipe A pipe used by glassmakers for gathering molten glass and then shaping the glassware by blowing through the pipe
Cameo A gemstone or opaque material with a decorative figure, usually carved in relief on the surface
Captain's Decanter A decanter with a wide bottom to make it more stable on a rolling ship
Chalice A drinking cup. A vessel used in the sacrament of Communion
Chillmark A wrinkled surface condition on glassware
Chip An imperfection in glass due to breakage of a small fragment out of an otherwise regular surface
Colonial Refers to early America or the colonial settlements preceding the union of the states
Console Bowl A decorative bowl to be used on a console table of buffet for fruit or flowers
Constellation A group of fixed stars that seem to form a pattern in the sky
Continuous Tank A glass furnace in which the level of molten glass remains constant because the feeding of batch continuously replaces the glass taken out
Cord A cord is an almost invisible difference in density in the glass which occurs during the fusing of the molten glass
Cullet #1 Waste or broken glass, usually used as an addition to raw batch
Cullet #2 Waste of broken glass, usually suitable as an addition to raw batch
Cullet #3 Foreign cullet: Cullet from an outside source
Cullet #4 Domestic Cullet: (factory cullet) which will later be cut off and discarded or remelted
Day Tank A periodic melting unit, usually designed to be emptied by each day of hand gathering
Decanter A decorative bottle used to store and pour beverages
Demijohn A large storage vessel for beverages. Now used decoratively with bouquets, dried flowers, etc.
Etch Marking or decorating the surface of a glass item by using hydrofluoric acid
Etched Treated by etching
Etched Glass Glass that has been decorated by subjecting it to the controlled corrosive action of strong acids
Finisher The work person who does the final work, such as polishing or placing the handle or foot on a piece of ware
Fire-Polish To make glass smooth, rounded or glossy by heating in a fire
Forming The shaping of hot glass
Frit Feeder The color concentrate is fed in the top of the tank making small batches of color with out draining the tank keeping the cost lower.
Gather To get glass from a pot tank on a pipe or punty
Glory Hole An opening to the hot interior of a furnace used to reheat the glass in hand working
Gob A portion of molten glass gathered on a punty or pipe
Goblet A drinking vessel with a foot and a stem
Lehr A long, tunnel-shaped oven used for annealing glass items by controlling the cooling speed
Overpress An imperfection in glass. Excess projections resulting from an imperfect closing of mold joints
Paste Mold A mold lined with adherent carbon, used wet for blown ware
Pressed Glass Glassware formed by pressure between a mold and plunger
Pressing The operation of forming pressed glass
Punty A device to which ware is attached for holding during fire polishing of finishing
Seam A mark on a glass surface resulting from a joint of matching mold parts
Seed An extremely small "bubble" in glassware
Shear Mark A scar appearing in glassware caused by the cooling action of the cutting shear
Snap A device for gripping a piece of formed glass for fire polishing and finishing
Striking the color A pressed piece was flashed or reheated to change the color or hue
Tank A melting unit in which the container from the molten glass is constructed from refractory blocks

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