Tiara Exclusives Signature Glass
All the items listed are signed Tiara or Tiara Exclusives in the glass
Baskets were signed with initials on the handle of the craftsperson

Captain's Decanter Blue
Captain's Decanter Burnt Honey
Captain's Decanter Chantilly Green
Captain's Squat Decanter
Close Decanter
Close Decanter
Celebration Coasters Crystal
Celebration Party Bowl Crystal
Celebration Punch Set Crystal
Celebration Serving Bowl Crystal
Celebration Snack Plate Crystal
Celebration Tray Crystal
Children's Bowl Amber, Apricot, Blue
Children's Bowl Peach, Pink, Plum
Children's Bowl Regal Blue
Children's Pitcher Blue
Child's Pitcher Pink
Children's Tumbler Amber
Children's Tumbler Blue
Children's Tumbler Pink
Paperweight Crimped
Paperweight Flowered
Ponderosa Pine Carafe
Ponderosa Pine Bowl
Ponderosa Pine Pitcher
Queens Vase Cobalt
Queens Vase Emerald Green
Queens Vase Ruby
Regal Water Amber
Regal Water Black
Regal Water Crystal
Regal Close
Kaula Mug
Kaula Close
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