Tiara Exclusives Vases 1970-1998

Pic Missing
Adore Black Adore Black hand painted Aquarius Amber Aquarius Blue
Aquarius Burnt Honey Aquarius Chantilly Green Aquarius Imperial blue Aquarius Yellow Mist
Aquarius Mini Chantilly Aquarius Mini Coral Aquarius Mini Emerald Aquarius Mini Lime
Aquarius Mini Yellow Mist Athena Aurora Plum Azure Blue
Azure Green Bali Crystal Decorated Boudoir Dusty Rose Branch Amber
Branch Black Branch Black Peach Flower Branch Black Mauve Rose Branch Imperial
Branch Leaf Green Branch Spruce Optic Bud Cranberry Mist Cape Cod Blue
Pic Missing
Collectors Colonial Vase Burnt Honey Colonial Vase Sunset Colonial Water Black
Colonial Water Amber Colonial Water Blue Colonial Water Burnt Honey Colonial Water Coral
Colonial Water Crystal     Column Plum
Coronation Lead Crystal Daisy 2 sizes Crystal Decorator Crystal Etched Decorator Blue
Demijohn Amber Demijohn Blue Demijohn Burnt Honey Demijohn Chantilly Green
Demijohn Cobalt Demijohn Emerald Green Demijohn Lime Demijohn Smoke
Pic Missing
Demijohn Sunset Demijohn Teal Demijohn Yellow Mist Demijohn Mini Chantilly
Demijohn Mini Ruby Demijohn Handle Amber Demijohn Handle Blue #1 Demijohn Handle Blue #2
Demijohn Handle Burnt Honey Demijohn Handle Lime Demijohn Handle Teal  
Desiree Bud Lymon Etched Desiree  Lymon Etched Diamond Point Black  
Eden Amber Eden peach
Empress Coral Empress Pecan Eve Dusty Rose Eve Imperial blue
Exotic Amber Exotic Cobalt Exotic Coral Optic Exotic Premier Blue
Florielle Crystal Engraved Genie Water Platinum Gentry Black Grecian Chantilly Crackle
Heart Crystal Heart Crystal Candle Heart  Decorated Cranberry Heart Crystal Optic
Hobnail Amber Hobnail Amethyst Hobnail Burnt Honey Hobnail Crystal Etched
There are also Pitchers in the

Hobnail pattern in the above colors

Hobnail Lime   Hummingbird Ocean Spray Hurricane Pitcher Amber
Hurricane Burnt Honey Hurricane Emerald Green Hurricane Horizon Blue Hurricane Platinum
Pic Missing
Hurricane Smoke Hurricane Teal Hurricane Yellow Mist LaShea Platinum
LaShea Premier Blue Laurel Tea Rose Laurel Fan Vase Tea Rose Laurice Lead Crystal
Leaf  Sage Mist Marquis Aquamarine Marquis Black Meadow Fantasies Crystal
Meadow Fantasies Bud Crystal Mercedes Lead Crystal Ruby Deco Milady Black Milady Black hand painted
Optic Blue Optic Burnt Honey Optic Coral Optic Forest green
Optic Horizon Blue Optic Smoke Optic Teal Optic Yellow Mist
Optic Mini Cobalt Optic Mini Chantilly Optic Mini Yellow Mist Optic Mini Ruby
Paradise Crystal Paradise Mint Green Paradise Peach Paradise Sea Mist
Parrot Emerald Green Parrot Green Parrot Horizon Blue Peacock Blue
Peacock Chantilly Green Peacock Crystal Peacock Dusty Rose Peacock Horizon
Pic Missing
Peacock Ocean Spray Peacock Peach Poppy Black hand painted Prestige Bud Lead Crystal
Primrose Amethyst Primrose Dusty Rose Primrose Imperial Primrose Etched Imperial
Primrose Platinum Primrose Periwinkle hand painted Princess Blue Queens Cobalt
Queens Emerald Green Queens Ruby Reflection Regal Water Amber
Regal Water Black Regal Water Crystal Rendezvous Crystal Deco Gold Ribbon  Burnt Honey 2 sizes
Ribbon Cobalt Ribbon Yellow Mist 2 sizes Rosalee Dusty Rose Rosalee Peach
Rose Amethyst Rose Blue Rose Coral Rose Lime
Rose Peach Rose Smoke Rose Sunset Rose Flair Lip Peach
Rose Flair Lip Sea Mist Rose Design Crystal with metal Rose Rose Pillow Coral Rose Pillow Platinum
Royal Peacock Dusty Rose Sandwich Mini Amber Sandwich Mini Colonial Blue Sandwich Bud Amber
This vase was made from a tumbler it is not a catalog item and was not offered by Tiara Exclusives. The most likely conclusion is a worker made it during lunch of after work.

Just though you would like to see it.

Sandwich Bud Chantilly Green Sandwich Bud Horizon Blue Sandwich Stretched Colonial Blue  
Ships Amber Ships Blue Suzanne Small Aquamarine Suzanne Large Black
Suzanne Small Crystal Suzanne Small Lead Crystal Suzanne Large Crystal Suzanne Large Lead Crystal
Swan Green Carnival Swung Aquamarine Swung Black Swung Pink
Terrarium Amber Terrarium Amethyst Terrarium Blue Optic Terrarium Burnt Honey
Terrarium Cobalt Terrarium Coral Terrarium Ice Blue Terrarium Lime
Terrarium Platinum Terrarium Smoke Terrarium Teal Terrarium Yellow Mist
Terrarium Mini Chantilly Terrarium Mini Yellow Mist    
Tiger Lily Black Vase Lemon Vase Sunset Victorian Platinum
Victorian Premier Blue Victorian Water Dusty Rose Victorian Water Special Edition Wall Vase Peach
Wall Vase Spruce Waterlily Black Waterlily Provincial Blue Waterlily White Lace
I have tried to show all the styles and colors there are some missing and as I find them a pic will be added to the latest CD
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