Tiara Exclusives Honey Box History

Tiara started with the Gold/Amber Honey Box with curved (splayed) feet in 1970, The box was handmade.

Due to the cost of making them by hand Indiana Glass changed all the molds to work by machine
and in 1971 Tiara sold the Gold/Amber with short feet. In 1997 there was another change to the
Honey Box mold. Some complaints were made that the handle (finial) was too slippery so tiny bumps
were added to the mold to solve the problem.

The Mold dates back to 1911 when honey comb was used by the house wife on a daily basis;
Indiana Glass designed the dish to meet the needs of the homemaker.
You can tell by the shape the honey comb fit nicely in the dish.
Can you imagine the pioneer homemaker receiving this lovely dish to make her life easier.

There are many collectors of this wonderful Honey Box.
As you can see from all the pic on the web there are several colors to collect.

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